...Having worked alongside, and around Malcolm for in excess of thirty years, I've been able to experience the all round knowledge of sport that he brings. This includes his extensive knowledge of S and C. Vast experience and expertise in coaching the throws, in particular his in depth experiences of the technical know how of top level Shot and Hammer. 

On top of this he now has a vast amount of skills around the organisation of NGB's, and the networking processes involved in developing the new breed of coaches and technical specialists...  

Rob Earle
England Athletics
Regional Coach Lead for throws (South East)

 ...I have been on your mailing list ever since an inspirational course you conducted at Scotstoun Stadium in Glasgow some years ago...

C D Young. Scotland


Malcolm Fenton is recognised in the UK as leading authority in coaching the Throwing events from beginner to elite level and has my full recommendation as a former Olympian and Sports Educator. Furthermore, his Strength and Conditioning expertise is truly outstanding.

Professor Bill Tancred MBE. Olympian and former UK Discus Record Holder     

It’s really kind that you have taken the time to help me on my coaching pathway and I won’t ever forget that.

P Duncan. London


I’ve known Malcolm in a professional capacity since 2009. Most of our work together at England Athletics was to drive the performance of throws through coach development, and specifically target areas such as technical knowledge, applied biomechanics, strength and conditioning and nutrition. Malcolm has been an extremely successful coach and has guided heavy throwers to Commonwealth and Olympic level. He continues to do this with some of our leading throwers.

He also has a deep understanding or strength and conditioning and selection of the appropriate methods to improve both athlete performance and health. In a former role as England Athletics National Coach Mentor for Physical Preparation, Malcolm and I worked together to develop coaches and ensure they had a better understanding of how to develop strength, speed and power. Malcolm’s experience in this area has also transferred to his success in Bobsleigh and other sports such as Rugby League and American Football. 

Rob Thickpenny 

Coaching and Athlete Development Manager - Throws 

England Athletics 


Malcolm’s guidance and support is invaluable for my development as a coach within athletics and weightlifting, but also for my development as an applied sport psychologist working within athletics, weightlifting, powerlifting and football. Malcolm’s extensive experience within a variety of sports and knowledge across a wide number of disciplines, including talent identification, long-term athlete development, biomechanics of sports movements, psychology of coaching and more, along with his willingness to share such information, makes him one of my ‘go to’ professionals when seeking guidance. Malcolm’s passion and enthusiasm for athlete and coach development shines through in everything he does, which makes him so successful as an athlete, coach, coach developer and mentor.

Louise Capicotto.

YDP Academy Sport Psychologist at Leicester City Football Club.

Ex-International Powerlifter for England.

 Malcolm Fenton has been instrumental in my development as a throws coach. Malcolm has provided top class guidance, support and mentoring to enable me to gain both competency and confidence to coach the hammer and discus. I have benefitted immensely from working alongside Malcolm, his attention to detail, his coaching eye and his willingness to support coach and athlete development is second to none.

Gary Howe

Throws Coach Thetford AC and former NCDP member.